About Redditch Wheels Project

Aims, objectives and activities

Redditch Wheels Project is a charity and company limited by guarantee that manages Redditch Outdoor Skatepark in the Arrow Valley Park South area of Redditch, known as the U.K’s largest outdoor supervised skatepark. Redditch skatepark has a huge impact on young people and the local community. We utilise this positive youth sports culture to improve conditions of life of young people and in particular to provide such person BMX, Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Stunt Scootering and other leisure time activities involving wheels. We stage events and cater for beginners to expert Riders. We also provide sessions for schools

Young people

We introduce young people to the skatepark lifestyle contributing to wider community benefits. Young people become fitter leading to physical, mental and social well being, gaining skills through being involved in activity participation. All those involved in the management committee are BMX riders skateboarders, youth and community workers. We employ staff to manage the skatepark on a daily basis with a pool of volunteers who support staffing, maintenance and events. The involvement of young people is critical to the charity’s success. They are involved not only in activity participation but also in skatepark design They manage, organising events at the skatepark.

Demonstration of need for the charity’s work (The disadvantage)

Redditch is a town with a population of about 80,000 with a higher than average youth population. Redditch is often perceived by young people, as “there is nowhere to go and nothing to do!” Young people are often seen hanging on streets frequenting shopping centres and underpasses. This can lead to an opportunity to engage in negative pursuits such as alcohol abuse, drugs crime and antisocial behaviour. Skateboarders and BMX bikers used to frequent the streets practicing their skills only to be moved on by police and security. These young people possess great talents ability and potential, which so often overlooked as much as the skating and BMX youth culture is overlooked, dismissed and misunderstood. 

We contribute a solution

Redditch Wheels Project manages Redditch Skatepark a 36,000sq foot of supervised skatepark equipped with ramps catering from the beginner to the pro rider utilised to carry out the work of the charity. Being located between two of the most deprived areas of Redditch Winyates and Woodrow it attracts attendees from all of the deprived areas of the town and beyond offering activity participation that becomes a way of life. The charity takes advantage of a large section of youth culture, sport and lifestyle to tackle these issues. Once young people are introduced into the skatepark lifestyle they find common ground in skating and BMX, as all the barriers of territory, race and social background are broken down. They do not want to be involved in alcohol abuse, drugs crime and antisocial behaviour as this is seen as uncool as their energies are focused on overcoming their fear, gaining skills, experience, confidence, raising self-esteem and developing new friendships. This can be carried with them throughout their lives helping them to lead a motivated, fulfilled, and healthy lifestyle Their direct involvement in the charity by, designing new ramp courses and management gives them a sense of ownership contributing to a fuller social benefit.